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Located on California’s exquisite and unspoiled central coast, halfway between LAX & SFO, in the town of Cambria, Steve Crimmel has established the ultimate get-a-way recording facility. Hotels, vacation home rentals, restaurants, shops, and spectacular coastal views are just some of the amenities you will find nearby.

The town of Cambria is located on Hwy 1, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The studio offers over 8000 cubic ft. of recording space with 2 isolation booths, 2 guitar amp isolation cabinets, and serene ambiance. Nearby lodging is plentiful, with options ranging from budget packages to spectacular ocean front inns and vacation homes.

Our philosophy is basically a hi-fi, straight-wire approach using quality microphones, pre amps and EQ’s.






Vintage & Modern High End Microphone Collection

Some of our Microphones


All studio equipment is powered by Equi-Tech balanced power.


The highly acclaimed Sony DMX R-100 with full automation and total recall.


Chandler Limited EMI-TG2 Abby Road Special Edition

Great River MP NV

Golden Age Pre 73


Art Tube MP

2- Grace 101

8- Sytek Class A

2- John Oram with British EQ

2- Aphex Tubessence



2 Sony C37-A’s

2 Lawson L47MP’s

1 AKG C-61control-1

1 AKG C-12 reissue by Peluso

1 AvanTone CK28

Solid State Condensers

1 – Sterling ST6050 Ocean Way Signature Edition

1 – Blue Dragonfly

1 – Aston Origin

1 – Oktava M012

1- Langevin CR-3

2- TOA KY’s

2- TOA K4’s

2- CAD M-37’s

2- Nady 900’s


Room-2-B_W1 – Electrovoice RE20

1 – Heil PR-40

1 – Heil Heritage Classic

1- AKG D112

4 -AUDIX D2’s

1- Shure SM 7

4- Shure SM 57’s

4- Shure SM 58’s


2- Vintage OKTAVA MA51’s

2 – Cascade Fathead II

Outboard Gear

TC Electronic M3000 reverb

Lexicon MXP-500

Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor

2 ART Pro VLA stereo tube compressors

Line 6 POD


Tannoy FSM 215’s large mains powered by phase linear 700B,

Tannoy PBM 6.5’s powered by Yamaha C-4000

Genelec S30C’s 3 way system

Event ASP8 Studio Precision 8’s


Otari MTR 90 2″ 24 track
analog recorder

Steinberg Nuendo Hard DriveRecording/Editing Workstation feeding 32 dedicated channels into and out of the SONY DMXR 100 console.
(NOTE: the 32 channels doesn’t limit you to 32 tracks)

Universal Audio UAD Card with LA-2A, 1176, Fairchild, and Pultec Plugins

Software plug-ins by most manufacturers. Waves, Antares, etc.

Sony A-7 DAT

Onkyo Cassette Decks

Vintage gear and microphones by Neve, Telefunken, Neumann,
Teletronix, AKG + API readily available at reasonable rates.

Musical Instruments

K. Kawai 7’4″ KG Series Grand PianoKawai-1

Vintage Fender 1964 Vibro Champ amp

Fender Super Champ XD Vintage Modified Combo Amp

1953 Valco Amp

1956 National Tremo-Tone Amp

1962 Ludwig “Buddy Rich” drums

1986 Fender Contemporary Stratocaster

2-speed Leslie Speaker Cabinet

KORG Triton Le

Casio Previa 88 key Weighted Keyboard

Yamaha PSR530 Keyboard

Ernie Ball Musicman Sting Ray Bass

Epiphone High-string Acoustic Guitar